The team


Elisa (Artist): @Super_Elbito

Ana (Creative Input): @srslycalzona

Jade (Writer) : @HeelyQueen

Paulina (Color Assistant) : @paupaulina_008




Spanish: @srslycalzona

Italian: @HHiyani

Portuguese: @heycoralina

German: @LovatoFurler

French: @greys_everythin

Calzona comic cover #2.jpeg

The Calzona Comic Project





A few members of the Calzona fandom are bringing you a chance to see Calzona be endgame!

We are proud to bring you the Calzona Comic Project! Since the writers have failed us on many fronts, a few of us fangirls have decided to take matters into our own hands and give Calzona the endgame they deserve. We have come together to create: "Calzona: An Endgame Story"

The comic will be available digitally when completed, and physical copies (to those who secured one during the donation process) are estimated to be sent in July/August.

We love this fandom and we think that this project will help bring closure to what we all have been asking for the past few years.

Please spread the word and thank you for your support! 



Ana, Jade & Elisa